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CABiNET consists of companies that provide information technology (IT) resources and solutions to the Government of Canada.  Our objectives are:
  • To help foster the development of more effective and fair Federal Government procurement practices,

  • To promote the innovative nature of small and medium-sized enterprises in the IT professional services sector

  • To create guidelines and standards designed to keep Canada at the forefront of the IT sector.

We are the only industry association that specifically represents SMEs in the IT professional services sector. We have been effective by:

  • Collaborating with government departments on a variety of issues (future IT projects, procurement practices, etc.)

  • Developing action plans to effect changes on government procurement policies

  • Representing SMEs in the IT professional services sector during media interviews, parliamentary committee proceedings and other forums

  • Serving as a way for companies to network

  • Attracting interesting speakers that provided our members and guests information on the government’s future plans (IT sector, procurement)

  • Establishing business consortiums that allow SMEs to access business normally reserved for large integrators

  • Offering our members various benefits

We also advocate strongly on behalf of SMEs, and have worked to protect the rights of these companies. Without our participation in the Shared Services evaluation discussions it is likely that:

  • The government would have started their four pillars approach. This would have effectively stopped SMEs from being able to directly access billions of dollars of IT contracts for the next 10-20 years

  • Large companies would have positioned themselves as the only access to innovation for government IT projects
We are the representatives of SMEs in the IT professional services sector. We offer our members an opportunity to influence policies shaping the Government of Canada’s IT future.