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About Us:
Our organization represents a number of information technology companies and individual consultants who primarily do business with the Federal Government. We are the largest supplier of consulting resources to the Government.

Through our lobbying efforts, we influence government policies and actions to assist our members and to ensure the long-term sustainability of Government-focused IT consulting firms and consultants.

CABiNET Member Benefits
Other associations claim to represent the interests of small companies, but what sets CABiNET apart is that it is led by, and solely dedicated to, the defense of the rights of SMEs. Our members receive the benefit of:
  • Educational Seminars – Access to regular guest speakers and events to keep you informed on industry relevant topic

  • Best practices tools – Established best practices will enable you to conduct your business in a  professional manner

  • Industry updates – Regular updates on important issues that could affect your business

  • Representation – Work on behalf of SMEs in the IT professional services sector

  • Networking opportunities – Help you to expand your business

  • Insurance – Discounted group rates

  • Industry credibility – As an organized and collective voice, CABiNET brings credibility to the industry and their members

Industry Leader:
CABiNET is the only organization dedicated to federal procurement issues surrounding SME IT professional services.  Our independence from large technology providers has enabled us to lobby more aggressively and emerge as the definitive industry representative of SME concerns, by:

  • Attending and participating in government consultations on a regular basis

  • Appearing before parliamentary committees

  • Continually being quoted by numerous government officials

  • Proactively raising issues that could negatively affect SMEs